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Teacher Training

Primal Yoga Flow Teacher Training


with Liz Arch


October 20-29, 2017

9am - 6pm each day

$1875 | early registration $1675 by July 1st


PLEASE NOTE : You must be a 200-Hour certified Yoga Teacher to enroll (proof of certification required)


In our Primal Yoga® FLOW Teacher Training Program, yoga and martial arts serve as the foundation for the exploration and cultivation of our animating life force (known as Qi or Prana). We seamlessly combine these two ancient art forms together to create an intelligent system of movement and mindfulness that enhances the way you move, the way you feel, and the way you live. This program is designed for certified yoga teachers who are interested in moving beyond static yoga postures and elevating their teaching to a new level of inspiration, empowerment, and artistry.



200hr Teacher Training Intensive


with Shana Meyerson


January 20 - February 2, 2018

8am - 8pm each day

$2500 in full before Oct 31, 2017 | $3000 after

$200 off each if you enroll with a friend


YOGAthletica 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training certification will teach you all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know about yoga.


Whether you are an experienced practitioner ready to take the dive into teaching, or a brand spanking new-bie looking to deepen your proficiency and understanding of the practice, this 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher training is for you. Presented in a clear and accessible format, this yoga teacher training is appropriate for anyone with the dedication, heart and passion for yoga, interested in learning its magic and intricacies from the ground up.


If you haven't seen Shana in action, check out her YouTube channel for a taste of her teaching. She's all about explaining the logic and technicalities behind the yoga postures so that students can mindfully and intelligently approach everything from the simplest to the most advanced yoga asanas and transitions. Oh...and she's all about having a great time doing it.


I Cue

50hr TT Continuing Education

in Teaching Methodology


with Jay Co & Christine West


October 7 - November 5, 2017

Saturdays 11:30-3:00 & Sundays 1:30-5:00

$850 | $750 for the first 5 students to enroll


PLEASE NOTE : 200-Hour TT certification or comparable training needed to enroll


Join Jay Co and Christine West for a 5 week, 50hr Continuing Education Teacher Training Module designed to give newer instructors what they need most - practice actually teaching! We'll work on sequencing, cuing, and demonstrating postures in live class situations in order to build command, confidence, and fluidity. In this training we will focus on helping you deliver what you already know efficiently and effectively while shaping your own teaching style and voice. Go from having done a teacher training to really feeling like a teacher!



200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training


with Jay Co