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Teacher Training

Trauma Informed

Yoga Teacher Training


with Liz Arch and Katie Berlin


May 5-7, 2017

9am - 6pm each day

$550 | early registration $450 by January 1st


PLEASE NOTE : You must be a 200-Hour certified Yoga Teacher to enroll (proof of certification required)


This 3-day program co-led by Purple Dot Yoga Project Founder Kate Berlin and PDYP West Coast Director Liz Arch, is designed to give yoga teachers the tools to responsibly and compassionately teach to individuals and communities that have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma.


You will learn valuable, research-backed tools to help people heal and release trauma in the body and mind, break through limiting beliefs and patterns, and access greater resiliency, confidence, self-worth and empowerment.


Kate and Liz both draw upon their own personal experience overcoming trauma and intimate partner violence to help others move from victim to survivor and survivor to thriver. They understand first-hand the psychological effects of trauma, the crushing weight of its accompanying emotions like shame, anger and despondency, and how these emotions manifest in the body. They approach this work with a passionate desire to help others break through mental and physical barriers and reclaim their personal power, self-love and self-worth.


This training is highly experiential, meaning we will not just be learning about trauma in a text-book way. Trainees will dive deep into their own self-inquiry work and look at their own limiting beliefs, experiences and past traumas to build a container of safety, non-judgment, empathy, and connection in order to more responsibly serve this community.


Upon successful completion of the training, teachers will have the opportunity to become ambassadors for Purple Dot Yoga Project and expand our community of change-makers, healers and leaders.



100hr Mini In-Depth Study

Teacher Training


with Chad Hamrin


June 3-4, July 8-9, 15-16 2017

Saturdays & Sundays 12pm - 6pm



Official yogaraj Teacher Training


with Jay Co & Brent Laffoon


June 4 - August 27, 2017

Sundays, 8am - 6pm

$3000, $2500 for the first 5 to enroll


Our Official yogaraj Teacher Training is a 200-hour, Yoga-Alliance-registered, 11-week program designed to help you share your own unique point of view with the world around you. This coming Summer session will feature a teaching team of myself and Brent Laffoon!


The program covers all areas of anatomy, physiology, practice, physical adjustment, verbal cuing, sequencing, nutrition, situational analysis, and marketing that are necessary to safely and effectively teach yoga to others.


Though you will thoroughly cover the "nuts and bolts" of the physical practice of asana, you will also explore extensively the mental and philosophical aspects of the entire practice using Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga and an ecclectic selection of readings as a springboard for discussion.


Teacher training is not just for those looking to teach yoga. It is an incredibly valuable experience to those who are looking for an effective way to add some deeper layers to their practice.


YOGAthletica Teacher Training


with Shana Meyerson



Saturday, June 17 - Friday, June 30, 2017

7.00am - 7.00pm each day

$2200 for the first five to register and pay in full

$2700 for the slow pokes


Whether you are an experienced practitioner ready to take the dive into teaching, or a brand spanking newbie looking to deepen your proficiency and understanding of the practice, this 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher training is for you. Presented in a clear and accessible format, this yoga teacher training is appropriate for anyone with the dedication, heart and passion for yoga, interested in learning its magic and intricacies from the ground up.