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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classes are only 10 dollars? Seriously?




    The $10 yoga schedule is full of strong, vigorous flow classes. This is the form of yoga most widely practiced in the western world, and it is probably the kind you are familiar with if you are already practicing regularly.


  • Um... There's no front desk. How does this work?



  • Can I pay with a credit card?


    It just takes a minute to set up. Maybe two. Enter your name, your debit card number, your email address, and choose a personal account. That's it.


  • $10 gets expensive if I come alot. Do you offer memberships?

  • What is yoga?

    Yoga is meditation.


    Don't worry... it's not a shave your head, wear diapers, sit on mountaintops kind of situation unless you want it to be. It's just sitting quietly with your own thoughts for a little while.


    What yoga looks like externally though can vary quite a bit. Different yoga practices can involve singing, chanting, drawing, laughing, crying, sitting still or moving around vigorously.


    The heart of our schedule here at yogaraj is "power" or vigorous flow yoga. This involves continuous, attentive movement that very much feels like a workout with the added dimension of attentive self-reflection. This is the kind of yoga that you have probably seen glimpses of in magazines and on TV. This type of practice is the most mainstream form of yoga in the western world.


    We also offer specialty classes, workshops, and other events that are a little off the beaten path; the ones that involve the chanting and dancing and all those other wonderful expressions.


  • I'm new to yoga. Is there anything I should bring or know?




  • Can you help me choose which class would be right for me?


    your age,


    other yoga classes you take if you already practice,


    and anything else you want to tell us that you feel will us understand you better.


  • I love this studio. How can I help?