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  • I'm new. Anything I should know?

    Welcome! Please arrive 5-10 minutes early and let your teacher know you are new so he or she can learn more about your needs and help you get settled.


    You will also likely want to sign up for our new student trial offer of 10 days unlimited yoga for $20. We don't do any sales in the studio so you must sign up online on our "rates" page or via our mobile app.  No matter when you sign up, your trial will not start until your first visit.


    If you are brand new to yoga entirely, you will likely want to start with Fundamentals class Tues/Thurs 6-7pm or Sat 10-11am. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion. We have mats to borrow but you will likely want to bring a towel for extra traction, especially if you tend to sweat heavily.

  • I left something at the studio. What do I do?

    If you email us with a description of your item and we find it, we can put it aside with your name on it. Please do not wait to call. We aim to empty our lost and found every 24 hours or so.

  • How do I update or change my credit card?

    You can update your information directly through your MindBody account, which can be found using this link. The middle column deals with billing. Please follow the directions on the screen to make changes.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Use the information here to cancel from within your account.

  • How do I change my membership?

    In order to change your membership, simply cancel your current membership using the instructions above and then purchase a new one on our website here or via our mobile app on apple or android.

  • How do I pause or hold my membership?

    There is no option to put a hold on membership at this time. You can follow the instructions above to cancel your membership at any time and then simply purchase a new membership whenever you are ready to come back to the studio.


    Please be advised that when canceling you will lose any discounted rates associated with your membership and will need to purchase your new membership at whatever the offered rates are at the time of purchase.

  • Unexpected charge on my card?

    In the rare event that you see an unusual charge on your credit card, it is very likely that you have purchased more than one recurring membership. This happens sometimes when students sign up for a new membership without canceling their old one. Please see the instructions on canceling memberships above to review your account and terminate any unwanted contracts.

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Click your question, get your answer.